Treasures of the Jewish Cultural Renaissance in Germany 1898-1938

An exhibit of selected works from the I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection

The Kiev Judaica Collection is proud to exhibit some of the most significant works from the German Jewish Cultural Renaissance, 1898-1939. Before Hitler unleashed his wrath on European Jewry, there existed a period of rebirth and rediscovery of Jewish culture and the Hebrew language in Germany. Jewish writers, poets and painters from Germany and Eastern Europe consciously advanced a collective identity among German Jewry and established publishing houses, journals, adult education systems, libraries, schools, youth activities, museums and music associations. Berlin became a center for literary, artistic, and scholarly expression of Jewish thought and culture.

Displayed here are works from this fascinating era that The Gelman Library is fortunate to possess thanks to Rabbi I. Edward Kiev's involvement in Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. This organization worked to inventory and rescue books and artifacts after World War II that had been stolen by the Nazis.