the Power of an Emblem

The IBT logo is recognized the world over. Besides signifying the union as an organization, it also carries meanings of personal pride, belonging, and dedication to the IBTís mission and goals. The emblem of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is two horse heads, one looking to the right, the other looking to the left, over a six-spoke wheel with the unionís name on the wheel rim. The IBT introduced this emblem in 1910. Prior to that, the official emblem was a single horse head framed by a horseshoe, in turn framed by a wagon wheel. The IBT inherited this emblem from one of its predecessor unions, the Team Drivers National Union.

The emblem, with slight variations, has remained the official Teamster logo over the past century of IBT growth. Teamster organizational lore has it that the two horses have names ó Thunder and Lightning. Thunder is male, Lightning is female. Recent affiliates ó the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes, and the Graphic Communications International Union ó have each incorporated their original union logos with Thunder and Lightning.