The GW Connection — The Elliott School

Elliott School of International Affairs Building

The Elliott School of International Affairs at GW is recognized world-wide for its first-rate programs.  Its graduates hold positions in government agencies and globally-focused institutions around the world. They go on to become actors on the global stage as demonstrated in this exhibit.  Acutely aware of the central role of the Middle East in world affairs, the Elliott School in 2007 established the Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) to consolidate political analysis, faculty research, and course offerings focusing on the region. In 2010, the US Department of Education designated IMES a National Resource Center, one of only sixteen Middle East programs to earn the distinction. The study of the Persian Gulf, a region of complex cultures and strategic importance, is a major focus of the IMES mission. 

Professor Gnehm takes a study break with students
GW's relationship with the State of Kuwait is a reflection of the values both have demonstrated over time. With generous support from the Kuwait government, the Elliott School established a full-time faculty position dedicated to the study of contemporary Gulf politics, the only such University position in the capital region. In 2006, former United States Ambassador to Kuwait, Edward "Skip" Gnehm, already teaching at the Elliott School since 2004, was named as the first Kuwait Professor of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Affairs. Professor Gnehm also directs the IMES-sponsored Middle East Policy Forum which offers a vigorous calendar of programs focusing on issues related to the Gulf as well as the broader region.