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Politics & Government

Change is endemic to the region. While the waves of revolutions that rocked the Middle East in 2011 - 2012 were spectacular in their scope and speed, they were not unprecedented. US rhetoric has focused on the lack of "stability" in MENA since the Gulf War, and the Israel-Palestine issue has dominated international politics for decades.

Much of this perceived instability has its roots in colonialism and imperialism. The political vacuum created by the collapse of the Ottoman Empire arguably remains unfilled, and many people throughout the region are still searching for a strong political ruling body. While this collection does not contain many book that focus directly on the various political philosophies and platforms that took root during the colonialist era, it does provide a rich account of the important people and events of the period. The revolutionaries, politicians, and soldiers of the past are still relevant today, and we can learn much from their stories.

The following page showcases a representative sample of the texts that deal with politics and government:


The entire Cultural Imaginings collection can be accessed here: Cultural Imaginings on DSpace
Politics & Government