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China's 1911 Revolution : A Centenary Retrospective

2011 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Chinese revolution in 1911. The revolution overthrew China’s last imperial Qing dynasty and ended over 2000 years of imperial governance in China. It established the Republic of China and marked the beginning of China’s Republican era. This exhibit aims to showcase the library holdings on the 1911 China Revolution and outreach to students who are interested in Chinese history.


China Documentation Center, Global Resources Center, Gelman Library, George Washington University. Many thanks to the following people who made contributions or lent their expertise that helped to improve the result. Daniel Pfister, the MLS student from the University of Maryland, College Park, who was doing the field work study in the China Documentation Center for the 2011 fall semester and helped to draft and pro-read the content. Christian Aldridge, web developer, Gelman Library, who is so patient and provides technical support throught the entire process. Phil Raino, Exhibit developer who gave valuable image design advice.